Canadian Bar Association:

The Canadian Bar Association (“CBA”) (French: Association du Barreau Canadien (AABC)) is the Canadian voluntary bar association formed in 1986 representing the interests of lawyers, judges, notaries, law teachers and student law from accross Canada involved in the legal system. The organization is affiliated with the Commonwealth Law Association, the International Bar Association and with the Union Internationale des Avocates.

Tarion: (New Home Buyers)

Tarion Warranty Corporation is a private corporation that was established in 1976 to protect the rights of new home buyers and regulate new home builders.

Law Society of Ontario:

The Law Society of Ontario is responsible for the self-regulation of lawyers and paralegals in the Canadian province of Ontario. The LSUC was founded in 1797.

Landlord & Tenant Board:

The Landlord and Tenent Board’s role is to provide information about the Residential Tenancies Act and to resolve disputes between most residential landlords and tenants. The Ontario Rental Housing Tribunal is now known as the Landlord and Tenant Board.

Canada Revenue Agency GST/HST Registry: (enquiries regarding HST numbers)

The GST/HST registry lets you validate the GST/HST number of a business, which helps to ensure that claims submitted for input tax credits only include GST/HST charged by suppliers who are registered for GST/HST. You can also use GST/HST Registry to verify GST/HST registration for other purposes.

Toronto Real Estate Board:

Land transfer tax is payable on every conveyance of land tendered for registration and every unregistered disposition on a beneficial interest in land, unless specifically exempt under the act or regulations. The Toronto Real Estate Board provides a free land transfer tax calculator according to Toronto tax rates.

Green & Spiegel: (Immigration)

Green & Spiegel is not only Canada’s largest immigration law firm, it’s also one of Canada’s oldest. Green and Spiegel’s network of worldwide offices ensure the broadest possible access for our clients.